Lost On The Road (Part 1)

Kaya sat down, she was trying not to cry, but it wasn’t fair Rebecca got to go to her aunts and she didn’t . Now all she had to do was wait a month and a half for her to come to the new house in Prince township

It wasn’t fun to stay home now was it? She looked outside the old swing was still there, after awhile Rebecca came in to say goodbye, after that she walked out the door.

“Let other pens dwell on guilt and misery”

Jane Austen, P&P

As she waved goodbye, she sat down to think. After awhile Thought I am leaving no one will care no one ever cares . So she packed up.

Three dresses, a bonnet, three belts , a belt bag, a bag, a map Ect ect. So she used a old handkerchief to make a bag.

She took a last look around and sighed. So she packed up and left.

So walked out and went down the road

She had been walking for hours, Her feet hurt, and her head had so many bruises and it was getting dark so she thought it was time to lay down for the so she found a place and lay down for the night

The End The Part two is coming soon



  1. This is a very interesting story so far. I wonder where she will go and who will start to look for her. I wonder what special adventures she will have and what kind of characters she will meet on her journey.

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