I ordered an American girl doll

Hi guys haven’t seen you in awhile! so I think it was like July 4th or around that time but I ordered an American boy doll and I am so excited for it to come I hope it comes soon but it have I haven’t seen on my doorstep yet but I’m excited to see it. I haven’t got any clothes for it but I’m hoping to get some soon. if you guys have like boy doll like 18 inch clothes I hope you guys would show me like website you get them on because I don’t know what to get for him I think I might get some Maple Lea clothes for him and some stuff like that. my brother is really excited about it .I just wanted to know , do you guys want me to post more Lego things ’cause it seems like a lot of guys liked on it when I put posted about it! I am So excited for next week ’cause my cousins hopefully my cousins and my grandma and grandpa will come and i’m just really excited to play with them.




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