Lost On The Road ( The Final)

Kaya has been gone for over ten days.

One Morning kaya woke up and started off as usual

At noon she sat down to eat. Kaya’s heart was breaking, she was thinking about her family . What was her sisters doing right then slowly slipped down her cheeks.

All of a sudden Kaya saw something red coming straight toward her. She stood up and wiped her tears away .

when the red thing came close enough to see. she saw it was a American girl doll like her.

she wore a pink skirt with a yellow t-shirt and a red blanket. Kaya just stared at her where had she seen her? was she the girl of the year? Joss? Blaire? Corrine No No Kira Bailey!

Um Hello! I’m Kaya

Hi I am Kira out here?

Oh um I..I..I am just out here. I do have a nice family though

You have a family?!?! I don’t have a family but I want one.

Oh, um would you like to eat with me

Alright I haven’t had a good meal in a long time

They chatted and ate

Yum! That was good! -kira

yeah well where are you going to?-Kaya

Well all my family are dead so I have no clue-kira

Well I have been out here for over two weeks and I am going home. Maybe you could come and I could find you a family!-Kaya

yes well I think I…..I…I think we should go to bed.-kira


Okay I am going to take my hair down.

My you have long Hair! The longest I have ever seen! – Kira

Yes I do, I don’t cut it a lot – Kaya

Aright, Good Night! -Kira


Next morning kaya and Kira set off to sault Saint marie

After two day they made it to kaya’s house.


Okay here goes -kaya

hel- KAYA! OH MY YOU CAME HOME OH MY OH MY AM I AWAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-Makena

The End

Did it end as you wanted it to?

I will post about kira’s family soon so stay tuned!!!


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