Caleb is quiet and shy. He loves spending the afternoon reading books. he loves to play trucks with Dud Jr ( Viola’s little brother) . he also loves bike riding.

Age : 14 he is actually the oldest of the Family but is the most quiet

Favorite Colors : He LOVES the color Blue

Favorite foods: a hot soup ( but only the one that Kaya makes)

Favorite youtube channel:

Nickname: Cal

Quote:” Ya better mind your business, man, watch your mouth
Before I have to knock that loud mouth out
I’m tired of talkin’, man, y’all ain’t listenin’
Them old dirt roads is what y’all missin” – Dirt Road Anthem Jason Aldean

Best Friend : his toy dog

Hobbies : Reading, Writing , basketball

Fun Fact While Caleb likes to be alone most of the time, one of his favorite things to do is hang around the kitchen while his sister bake


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