On The Ferry. A photo series

Hey Y’all This is Kira, I went with my mom and we went on a boat around St Mary’s River!!

This is me getting on the boat. And waiting for it to go.

This is me looking over the boat, my mom had to hold me to see

my mommy held me up so I could see the tower

I wanted so go down to the bottom of the boat but that Mean old mommy of mine wouldn’t let me.

Viola: Kira!
Kira: Oh, Umm y-yes?

Viola: Well, If you are going to act like that, Makena can finish the post

Kira: No, No! I am sorry 😞 I won’t say anything like that .
Viola: Well, Okay but if you say something like that again you will be punished.

Kira: Fine

look how preeeetty my hair is!!

Brr it got cold 🥶 I had to put on a jacket…..

Rebecca: KIRA!!! IS THAT MY JACKET?????

Kira: Um, Got to go Guys Bye!

The End

Rating: 1 out of 5.


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