We Need To Have A Talk

Hey guys! If you have been looking at my blog you know I am a BIG Lea Clark Fan and…………. I have been stocking Facebook Market place and I found a Lea Clark doll for 75$ ( CAN) but I am also going to Florida in February to the American girl doll store. So I can get a ag doll. What should I do???

Put a thumbs up if you think I should get the doll or a thumbs down if I shouldn’t

( end Thursday night)


Guys this End tonight so please vote!



  1. Ooh… Tough decision… If you are ready to buy another doll right now, then yes, I think you should buy Lea. You might not always be able to buy her for that good of a price.


  2. Hmm…hard choice! If you love Lea and HAVE to get her, then do it, but if you think you’d be just as happy with another doll at AG, then wait.


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