To Far Off part 1

Kaya woke up one morning and went down stairs to the kitchen. I must tell Cal to put his dishes away when he eats. Muttered Kaya.

Just them Kaya noticed a letter on the table. She grabbed it and read.
Dear Kaya as I know you will be up first. You are to get a new sister! Her Name is Lea Clark she will be coming in two weeks . Get her room ready and tell the others

From Mom

Just them Rebecca walked in. Morning Kaya do you like my dress?
Kaya: Yes it is very nice. But take your hat off.

Rebecca: Yes, well, what is is up with you?

Well Mom left a not to me saying that-that we are going to get a new sister.

A new sister?! We haven’t had one of those in a long time!

Yes, but I need to go upstairs to get her room ready.

kaya walked up the long stairs to the guest room. She put tropical things in it with a picture that said I come alive in fall.

And for a final touch she put a statue that her mom’s grandma had given her.

And after that she stood back and looked at her work. It looks good thought Kaya.

Hey guys! I am starting a new series about ( you guessed it) Lea. But I have some sad news I am not able to get her for two weeks 😔. But I am going to be travelling to see my Family for ( Canadian) thanksgiving! So in about a week I will have a travel blog.


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