My Dolls Favourite

Hey guys! So in this post I am going to ask my dolls questions and they answer!

  1. What Is your Favourite Song?

Rebecca: Oh tough one. Probably Simple By Florida Georgia Line.

Kaya. What a wonderful world by Louis Armstrong

Samantha: The Last Time by Tenille Towns

Caleb: Some of it by Eric Church

Kira: Same Road Home By Tenille Towns

Makena: Call Me Cruella!

Lea: When’s It Gonna Happen?

2. Favorite movie

Rebecca: totally Cranford.

Kaya: Poncahontas

Samantha: Pride and Prejudice 1995 version

Caleb: Fantastic Beasts and where to find them.
Kira: North And South.
Makena: Cruella

Lea: Lea To The Rescue 🛟

3. Favorite Book?

Rebecca: The Giver

Kaya: A question of loyalty

Samantha: Anne of the island

Caleb: Tom Sawyer

Lea: Huckleberry Finn

The End


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