To Far Off( Part 4 Sometimes I feel like the last one standing )

POV Makena

To Many of you this may sound silly. But I followed Lea when she left, but um I kinda lost her and um then I was lost. Now here I am a gorgeous Queen like I am ALONE with no clothes than what I was wearing. I continued to walk.

The trees were big.

*Later That Day*

Ah, I guess I better find a place to sleep. Ooh how about that big pile of leaves. I have always wanted to sleep in leaves!

I must have slept for a Looonnnngggg time cause when I woke up it was daytime. I got up and realized I hadn’t brought any water or food. So, I got up to see if I could find a stream or something. I finally did and never I repeat NEVER did water feel so good.

  • Five Days Later*

I was walking and mumming when it happened. I saw a person not too far from where I was. When I got closer, I saw it was a girl.


Makena?! Why-why are you here? She demanded.

I followed you when you left, say, why are you wearing those close I have never seen that before.

Makena stop talking and LET ME FINSH SPEAKING. Her voice raised as she talked. Sorry I shouldn’t have yelled. but listen here. I met an old lady, and she took me in and made me wear these, understand?


Do you have questions?

Yes, why did you leave. Where are we? Who is the lady? Can I have some food? And is there a shopping mall? And before you left did you meet Amber

Yes *Sigh* Okay I left because I heard Caleb say ” We Can’t Keep Her”and-

Oh He meant Amber.


Oh! You didn’t hear? Rebecca found her in our yard.

in our yard?

yup crazy right?

POV Kira’s Diary

November 7th 2022 2:36

I had to deal with that CHILD that Amber. Man she asked at least 50 questions a minute 🙄.

Sometimes I wonder where Lea is when you need her. And Macy ( Makena) is gone. What were they thinking??? Poor Kaya though she is very sad. Rebecca and Samantha are like devoted slaves but well I guess she deserves it, She has been taking care of use for awhile. Caleb left for a week. And I have to take care of Amber. She is sleeping right so I have time to write. I think I may go for a walk.

*Later That Day*

Wow! It was nice outside. But I must be quiet Kaya is finally sleeping after restless day of not. I may even take a nap too.
Nah! I was joking I am going to the woods.


POV Kaya

I don’t know why Lea is gone or why Makena is gone all I know that I think it is that I wasn’t kind enough to them I hope they are safe wherever they are.

The End Of Part 4

Hi guys! How did you like that? It took me a little longer than expected but I did it I hope to do the next one by Sunday!



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