To Far Off (Part 5 When a song hits you)

Mackena I am going in the house you stay out here, okay? – Lea

Okay, Lea! – Mackena

Lea walked inside and saw………

Two jackets and a note

Lea walked over and grabbed the Letter and read.

How could you do this? You know I warned you! But I will not be too hard on.

J.A Shaw

Just then a memory flashed in my head. I was sitting by the fire. And Grandma Shaw was sitting too. And she said if I ever brought any other person things would happen. I thought she was joking but boy I was wrong.

Lea though the paper. And walked away with Makena.

  • Five Days Later*

Lea and Makena where walking when a person clothed in black walked Infront of them.

So, what is in the bag? -Stranger

Nothing- Lea

Yeah really? – S

Yes- Lea

Stranger pulls her to the ground.

Lea! – Makena

Run!- Lea

Lea was lying on the ground. When she opened her eyes, she saw the person smiling at her she felt her anger burn hard. But she knew she couldn’t get up. but when she thought she could do no more this came to into her head.

“Give me sticks, give me stones bend my body break my bones Use staff to turn me black and blue. Cause you can’t I hear you can’t unsay. But if it were up to me to change I’d turn “lies” and “ hate “ to “love” and “ truth” If I could only kill a word

Lea stood up to face…

The End Of To Far Off part 5!



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