A Photo story + A update and many quotes

Hello everyone, I haven’t been posting too much. I have been working very hard to try but when I do, I just don’t think it is good enough so today I decided just to grab my doll and take pictures. I am taking a tiny break from the To Far Off series I think I will go back to it but not right now.

If you got a chance, take it
Take it while you got a chance

“Life is up and down from the time you get here till the time you leave”
"You'll only see me laughing
Sunshine and a smiling face
Sometimes I wear it like a mask
It's easier that way"

Too much of anything is never a good thing
Is it a bad thing I'm good on my own?
I could say anything
Nobody's listening
It's just the sound of being alone
Oh, oh
Image preview

Good morning Guests” he said. “Though when I say good, I don’t mean it won’t probably turn to rain or it might be snow, or fog, or thunder. You didn’t get any sleep, I daresay.”

Image preview

“Choosing a new book was like looking for treasure.” ― Kit Pearson, Awake and Dreaming

That’s all I have today!



  1. Don’t beat yourself up! Blogging is supposed to be fun—especially doll blogging! If you’re not having fun, then take a break for a little bit.


  2. I think what you do is amazing. You are to hard on yourself. Just take a bit of a break and have fun with it.

    Love you


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