Colors of the Season – Thanksgiving Tag

Hello my friends! How is everybody doing? I’m great and it’s time for a tag! I got tagged my Brooklyn Harms so thanks to her! now lets start!

The Rules:

-Answer ALL the question truthfully

-Use the Tag photo above in your blog post

-Credit the creator (Hailey) in your blog post

-Tag one to ten blogging friends! (Not required to be followed to each other)

-And lastly, comment (or include in your post) your favourite Mixiepixie7 holiday (Halloween, Christmas, etc.) video!

Okay in this Rebecca is going to answer these questions!

 What’s Your Favorite Part of Thanksgiving?

Hmm, I live pretty far from my relatives and I going down to see them !

What’s Your Favorite Thanksgiving Food?

it’s NEVER a thanksgiving without cranberry sauce!

WWhat’s Your Favorite Fall Themed Blog Post You’ve Made, This Year?

Probably Rebecca and Fairs,

Favorite Thanksgiving Themed Episode or Movie?

I like the Garfield’s Thanksgiving Episode

When Having Dinner, Are You The Extrovert (the one who talks non stop) or The Introvert (the one who doesn’t say a word)?

The Extrovert no questions asked.

Least Favorite Part About Thanksgiving?

When there are people there you don’t know or in my case sometimes, I am the only person my age there.

 On Thanksgiving, Do You Dress Fancy, Simple (but nice), or just What You Wear Everyday?

I love dressing up for things so I would wear a fancy dress.

Favorite Thanksgiving Themed GIF?

I don’t use GIFs

 Least Favorite and Favorite Pie?

My least favorite pie hmm. grape pie

Rebecca, Grape pie isn’t a thing. – Viola

Well It may not but I don’t think it would be good if there was one- R

Fine! Just carry on- Viola

OK and my favorite is pecan pie

Which of Your Dolls Loves Thanksgiving the Most?

Makena for sure


The box it the bus stop!

Now Who Will I be tagging?

Ellora and Sejal’s World of Dolls

Hope she has fun!



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