Too Far Off (Part 6 Villan in Me)

I hope you guys don’t think I am going insane by posting this but I’ll tell you guys why at the end but know let’s get into a episode of To Far Off

When Lea stood up she faced a person wearing a black cape covering her hole body.

Lea thought fast. She jumped up and landed on the stranger giving a blow so hard that left both on the ground.

By the time Lea got up Stranger/Random person was up and running fast.

When the black figure turned the corner Lea shivered. And Lea never found out who are what that was. When she took a look around she realized she was alone but on the ground lay a black cloth. Inquisitive to find out what it was Lea grabbed it and seeing it was only a black scarf put it in her pocket.

Her next thought was to find Makena. She walked a little way before finding her in a nearby cave.

Lea?! Are you okay.- M

the true was Lea hadn’t been thinking about how much she was hurting but when Makena said that she realized how much she was hurting.

I-I’m fine we just need to find a place to settle down for the night. – L

How about the cave. Also you don’t look so good. do we have any water left?- M

Yes to the cave. I am don’t feel well. And No the water question.-L

You stay here I am going to find a stream.-M

Okay be careful- L

POV: Lea

I never knew how long I slept it must of been a good 8 hours because when I woke up I felt the warm sun splash onto me.

I had many bruises and my body ached. But who knew Makena was such a good nurse her personality had changed since she had come out here. But I was too sick to think anymore about it.

the next few day ran away. And all I can clearly say is that I remember Makena saying

Lea! Lea! – M

yes? -L

I know we’re we are! – M

Really?- L

yeah I wouldn’t lie about this- M

yeah I know it’s just too good to be true! So were are we? – L

Ten minutes out of the east side of town- M

like by were the Apple art gallery is?- L

No more by the bridge- M

So how will we get back? – L

Well I can’t leav you so I don’t think we can.- M

But you said ten minutes!- L

Yeah Lea! BY CAR!- M

Oh- Lea

*Lea falls silent*
I know how we can do it- Lea says quietly

How it’s impossible!- M

You leave me here and you go and get help- L

What? I could never do that!- M

Makena Hannah Williams! You have stayed outside in the cold for at least a month, Ran though woods, Helped cure a sick person, found water and food, found a trail even when I thought we were Too Far Off, and now your telling me you can’t walk an hour to help yourself and your sister live?-L

Well now that you put it that way I guess I could- M

The End of too Far off Part six

I know y’all I said I wouldn’t finish it but. There was a blogger who said she really liked and wanted to see part 6 so I thought maybe just for her I would try to finish it. But in my last post no one answered my question which doll played the stranger?



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