Country Music Album Redo

Hi guys so today I am going to recreate country music albums (staring my dolls) but in the I think they should look like. So here we go!

So this is the Tenille Towns cover to “Masquerades” one of her newest albums out.

And this is what I think it should look like.

This is the Villain in Me cover

And this is mine.

This is the cover of Talladega by Eric Church

This is mine

What do you think of them? The first one is the cover to “Chief” made in 2011 and has some of his best songs.

This is the cover of half of my hometown

This one I am not a fan of.

I think anyone who listens to country music has heard Jon Pardi “Dirt on my boots “if you haven’t your CRAZY!

This photo was actually going to be on the front of the website.

This is “If I was a cowboy” by Miranda Lambert

And this is mine! That’s all I have today! Comment albums I should do next



  1. This is such a cute idea! I would have never thought of that. Maybe you could turn it into a tag for “redoing your favorite album!”?


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