Too Far Off ( Part 7The finale )


I woke up with a jolt. first I didn’t remember where I was but soon I remembered were I was and what was happing.

I wondered where Makena was and if she had made it home.




POV Makena

I finally had gotten on to the road I live on and was walking down the drive way. I was very scared I had ran away from home and now I was coming back to say HEY I’M HOME! and that’s really it . what will they think? Worst what will they say?

Finally I was at the door that would show my future.


I was having a very boring day just sitting around waiting. I really couldn’t move very well and even if I could I wouldn’t because they wouldn’t be able to find me. Anyway all of a sudden I heard a rumble and I looked down the road and I saw a red ford coming!!!!

Hey, are you Lea?- A person

Yes!- Lea

Even though kaya had told me many times to never go with strangers this was my last shot.

Well, I am here to get you so hope in the car. – The Man

Okay.- Lea.


I have wanted to say those words for months!

I really hoped you guys liked this series!!

Also we have got to 26 followers! So thanks to everyone for supporting!!!!



  1. Oh my goodness!! This was SUCH a good series! I did not expect it to go the way it did, but I think all Lea dolls definitely need an epic introductory series.


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