Blogs That Are Great

Yo Wassup? Well I think it is time to show you guys the blogs that made Viola Smiles a good blog!

Small Dolls in a Big World

Oh my, This blog really did start it all from the day I was sitting at my couch reading these posts to the day I got my first doll (Rebecca) to the day I started this blog. They haven’t posted in months but their charm when reading them is truly great to see, from there picture’s to there writing it makes them so amazing to read!

This is my favorite photo they have ever posted. ( Note: These are not mine)

Adventures of AG Dolls

Adventures Of The AG Dolls was one of my first followers ( not the first but one of them) personally I think her blog is one of my favorites. It has so much personality and character and every post is great to see!

This photo is beyond compare my favorite photo on this blog ( Note: I know I have said this but please know these are not mine)

Delightful World of Dolls

I think I am safe to say that any American girl doll blogger knows this blog. Like come on she’s kind of a legend! With her many dolls and great writing it is impossible to skip them! I can still remember the day she commented back on my comment on her blog I was so excited! Also even though this was a month ago I would like to congratulate her on 10 years!

This is my favorite photo, I love how there is dolls behind her! (these aren’t mine!)

Jessica & Lea

I really enjoy reading this. Every time I read the posts it makes my day a little brighter! I especially like the ones about Camille I really have no clue but whenever she is in a post I always like it better!

This one is SO CUTE. I love the outfit and the shoes and *faints* the little bed!

Build A Bears Furever

Haha, I have had many good laughs well reading this blog! The writer has a VERY good way making it seem so real! I used to reread all of the posts!

This is the opening picture to the Blogmas series ( Can someone please comment what Blogmas is please i never understood it but always enjoyed reading them!) I really like the snowflakes on the sides and the tree on the back! ( Note these are not mine)

Dollightful Friends

This blogger is probably one of the best doll photographers I have seen! In every post she amazes me with how good she is! And her writing is…….. astounding

This is BY FAR my favorite photo on her blog it just seems so peaceful! And with the back ground of water it finishes it off great!

Thank You Too All these blogs for making this blog what it is without some of these I would never have the idea to do some of my posts! Also Next post is a Q&A With my dolls for 25 followers!



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  2. Aw, you are so sweet! Thank you so much for the shoutout!
    Blogmas is basically just posting several Christmas-themed posts leading up to Christmas.

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