Winter Tag

Hello everyone today is a tag kinda day and Brooklyn Harms ( Jessica and Lea) tagged me so thanks to her! Also The people who are going to be answering the questions are Lea and Caleb and Kira and of course me! (Viola)


Link the creators (Brooklyn @ Jessica and Lea)

Answer each of the questions with truth

Use the photos that we used (or use ones similar to ours)

And have fun with it! All of these questions are just for fun.

What’s Your Favourite Winter Activity?

Drinking tea and reading a book- Viola

Sledding!- Caleb

Hmm tough one but I gotta say pouring maple syrup in the snow and eating it – Lea

Lea that’s not a activity! But my favorite activity is Snow machining – Kira

What is Your Favourite Hot Drink For Winter?

There is nothing better than a Tea!- Viola

Tim Horton’s peppermint hot chocolate!- Caleb

Hot Apple Cider!- Lea

I agree with Caleb as to my favorite drink- Kira

What is Your Favourite Thing to do When You Wake up on Christmas Morning?

We don’t do Xmas so can’t answer that one!

What Are You Thankful for this year?

I am thankful that someone who was very sick is better- Viola

I am thankful for my family -Caleb

For the Birds – Lea

For the food – Kira

The End

Okay, Guys who do you want to do the tag? – Viola

Ellora and Sejal’s World of Dolls– Caleb

In A Dolls World– Lea

Oh, Um i know! Dollightful Friends– Kira

Okay, great hope you guys enjoy doing it!



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