A tag…………Again? Hi guys My of my post haven’t “Really” been about my dolls all they have been about is tags and my favorite things and I apologies for that! But I PROMISE there will be a photo story soon!

….The Rules

2. Include a link to the creator (Annabelle)

1. Answer truthfully

3. Tag at least one other blogger

 4. Have fun!

Do you dress your dolls up for the holidays?

Is the Holidays Hanukkah ? If so than yes!

Do you have a favorite holiday stopmotion special?

Nope! To hard too choose!

Do you have a favorite AG holiday outfit?

Yes ,The AG Hanukkah Outfit

Do you decorate your dollhouse for the holidays?

Depends if I have time so I am going to say sometimes

Are there any AG items on your wishlist this year?

I would really like it if I got Addy.

Do you make a holiday special on your blog and/or channel?

If I am going to be honest, so many blogs do it that if I do it’s just like, well, the same thing I like to be different or at least TRY to be different

Are you excited for the new Girl of the Year?.

Again if I am being honest in the way AG is going these days I’m not sure. You know what I mean?

And finally, take a fun photo of your doll celebrating the holidays!

Rebecca playing Dreidel! Did you guys like this picture? I love it!

And I am going to be tagging!

The DollVille Blog

Also a special thanks to Jessica & Lea for tagging me!



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