Hello my faithful followers! Today is Q&A day, Thanks to everyone who commented and thanks again for 25 followers! Also thanks to everyone who commented!

These Q’s are from JUST DOLLING

What inspired you to start a blog?

Well, it is kinda funny story i was at my old house and my mom had gone and when she came back she was like ” Viola i made you a blog”! I didn’t really know what it was lol! But if it really comes to it I think the blog Small Dolls In A Big World did.

If you could get any doll that AG has ever made, who would it be?

Jess McConnell released in 2006.

Which AG character is most like you?

I think Kaya I am a born leader but sometimes I can be a bit proud
What AG doll looks the most like you?

Mckenna Brooks
What’s your favorite thing about blogging?

Meeting other bloggers!

These questions are from The DollVille Blog or Reesa

Who is your prettiest doll?

Lea or Kira

Who is the most fun doll to write about in photostories?

I really enjoy writing about Caleb, i think because he is very different than the girls.

What do you love most about being a doll blogger?

You meet amazing people who share your interests!

What is the best outfit that AG ever made?

Ooh tough one but I would have to say the Meet Marie Grace outfit

Random-not-doll-related-Q: What’s your favorite food?

Please don’t laugh at me but it is those packaged noodles!

These are from RJ from Adventures of AG Dolls

Which of your dolls are you most like?


Which BeForever are you most like?

I think I am most like Felicity Merriman

Which GOTY are you most like?

Hmm, I would say Lea Clark

If you could design a historical character, what would they be like?

They would be a 18centery doll with long blond curly hair and a green dress

The next one is from Sofia from In A Dolls World

Which doll has a personality most like yours?

Again Kaya

Who is your favorite doll?

Shh! Don’t tell them but it is Kaya

Who is your favorite doll that you don’t own from AG?

Jess McConnell

Why did you start a blog?

Because of a another blog

How did you get your first doll?

It was my birthday and I received Rebecca from my mom and dad

These are from Ellora and Sejal’s World of Dolls

What doll do you most regret getting?

Rebecca, she was my first doll and don’t get me wrong I love rebecca, It is because she had curls but now it is straight from not brushing her hair right.

What doll do you most want?

Hmm, Addy!

What’s your favorite blog?

I like so many it is hard to choose!

Who was your first doll?

I don’t think I have ever really said what doll I got first but it is Rebecca

Do you like any other types of dolls?

I like collecting china dolls

How long have you been blogging?

Viola Smiles Started on May 26 2022

These are from Dimond from Build A Bears Furever

What is your favorite part of blogging?

Meeting new people!

How long have you been into dolls?

Two years

What are some of your hobbies outside of dolls/blogging?

competitive swim!

Thanks to everyone who supported us! Also there may be a collab coming soon! Plus photostories!



  1. Nice Answers! Ooo I love my Kaya too, she is very very special to me! Also I like your new profile! Also I allowed you to be an author on my blog, so email me if it works!


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