Lea’s Spa Adventure

Hi my friends! It’s a Lea! And the new girl of the year is here! Well not HERE at my house but here as in……


-Okay, So anyway yestureday makena had a suprise for me….


( Grr WordPress is making my pics look bad!-Viola) We where walking through the mall and you know I am minding my own business looking at my phone trying to find out if I had got my swim times back when..

BAM! I heard Makena talking to someone! My head snapped up. and I saw Makena talking to a girl who was wearing a white apron and a name tag. Helga Roberta Gladys, that’s a boring name I thought and looked down at my phone again, where where those swim times?

World To Lea! World To Lea! Said Makena

W-What? – stammered I

We’re going to the spa silly Almost yelled Makena

So this is why she wanted me to come! Anger flooded over me like a wave. Why did she have to do this, so i turned around and was just about to walk off when a arm grabbed my arm, and pulled me along. It was Makena she took me to a wall and handed me a bathing suit.

Why didn’t you tell me? – I said gritting my teeth

Why are you getting so worked up I am literally bringing you to a SPA girl! Makena said

Well you could have told me – I almost yelled

Would you have come if I did – Makena calmly

Well no, I admitted But that is no reason why you should just take me when i was totally fine!!!!

Just take the BAITHING SUIT – screeched Makena

I didn’t want to make more of a scene than we already had so I grabbed the suit and ran to the change room.

I look over at my bathing suit remembering fondly the last time I had worn it we wherewith my cousins at camp swimming and laughing, the memory made me catch my breath and I looked around and saw that I still needed to get dressed so I got my suit on.

I looked in the mirror I looked nice but I needed to take my hair out.

After that I was ready to go I put a headband and grabbed one towel.

And I went out And than the boring part waiting for You- Know- Who

Finally, She was done and we could go

After This we got a massaged and it was nice.

and then we went into this thing where they painted our nails.

It was SO relaxing ( But don’t tell makena I said that)

Than I GOT A FACE MASK it was the best of all

The end




  1. Ooo nice Lea!
    KANANI: No, mom, not nice, spa’s are for girly girls!
    SOFIA: Well Lea likes them!
    KANANI: good point, maybe spas aren’t so bad!
    SOFIA: *sighs* you just needed to know that Lea likes them so you do too? *smacks forehead*


    • * I just realized i never replied*
      VIOLA: See Lea Spa’s are amazing!
      LEA: I’m Still thinking they are horrible, terrible, outrageous, to the human race!
      VIOLA: Lea Just calm it down! Kanani Likes them.
      LEA: Actually screw everything I said.
      VIOLA: *Epic Eye Roll*


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