Caleb’s Midnight Horrors!

Happy New Everyone! Thanks for the AMAZING year! also thanks for the support everyone gave! Also sorry I know my pics aren’t the best but don’t worry I am preparing a really great post for y’all

In the POV of Caleb

I looked up at my clock it was ten. Ug, I thought it was my first year being the only one staying up till twelve, because

Viola was tired from a party

Kaya stayed up late cooking

Rebecca was a little sick

Makena didn’t stay up because she said she would have rings under her eyes and it would ruin her completion.

Lea had a Swim meet the next day

Kira was at her friends

And as for Samantha, only heaven knows why.

I had read till my eyes ached and I was bored from watching movies. I had ate so much Carmel popcorn. I was waiting for the count down to start. I Decided to walk around because I was so bored.

I was walking over too get a drink of water when


What the HECK! I yelled and ran into viola’s room which i instantly regretted, for when Viola’s waken up after been waked up she is angry like a bear! Our conversation went a little like this.

Caleb, what do you need? – her

There was the BIGGEST noise i have ever heard out there – Me

After that she put her pillow on her face and got up and turned on the light.

Look it’s just the washing machine.- Her

After that she went back to bed. I wanted to see what the new girl of the year looks like cause NO ONE TELLS THE BOY ANYTHING! I rolled my eyes when I saw her, seriously? No boy doll to go with her? Like I think Tenny was the only good girl of the year cause like first their was a boy released with her and second She liked music. No offence to the other dolls.

After that I was suppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr bored so I walked around some MORE. All was going fine when a black shadow darted in front of the door frame. I jumped up and listened when I heard nothing i went back to my room when


I fell on my face for the shadow had been Victor (aka Victorian). ow it really hurt now i have a big bruise on my face but anyway back the the story.

than I heard the dreaded noise of

  • Ding*


The End.

Hi guys it’s a Me, Viola! I am working on a collab and it’s going well so far! Can you guess who it is? It’s _ _ _ _ _ that’s the authors name, can you guess it?



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