Lea and Lizo

“I’ve been gone, I’ve been gone
I’ve been sittin’ on the couch watching TV all day long
All day long, I’ve been tryin’ to figure out how a good thing went wrong
Faster than that freight train, farther than that airplane
Sadder than a country song
Headed down that highway, anywhere but my way
Ever since you moved on, I’ve been gone”

Like my quote? well i’m currently in AMERICA! And my dad has some good friends so we are staying with them and so the girl and I decided to take photos! The New girls name is Lizo yeah odd name right? But I really like it!

Hi! – Lea

Welcome to my house! – Lizo

Thanks for inviting me over! – Lea

Let’s have a girl movie night! – Lizo


This is a really good! It’s really funny! Hahaha – Lizo

Yeah, I totally agree! – Lea

Do you want some popcorn?- Lizo

If your making some! – Lea

Hmmm! This popcorn is delicious! – Lizo

Yes it is the best I’ve ever tasted! Look! are those jelly fish real? – Lea

No! But watch when I turn the button on! – Lizo

Wow! They look so real! – Lea

Thanks! Want some chocolates? – Lizo

Sure! – Lea

Okay let’s head over here! – Lizo

Follow me over here! – Lizo

KK, Coming- Lea

Mmmm! These taste great! – Lea

I agree!- Lizo

Come smell these flowers! – Lizo

Aaah! They smell amazing! – Lea

Let’s smell some more! – Lizo

Okay! – Lea

This one is my favorite! – Lea

I really like this one! – Lizo

*Lea looks at watch*

Aw no! It’s time for me to go! – Lea

Bye! – Lea

Bye! Come again! – Lizo

The End

Hey my friends! I took these pictures with my friend and she’s six so i think she did well with the pictures! and she wrote all of Lizo’s part and she did great! So please clap for her!



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