Meet Georgia/ Photo shoot.

Hello my Faithful Followers! How is everybody today? Well I currently in *Takes deep breath*


I know I can’t believe it here! I am actally in the place that has CHICK FIL LA!! (Canada doesn’t have of course but them they don’t have beaver tails) anyway I was shocked by the money, they have a one dollar bill! but back to the “Meet Georgia” I bought this little ball of fun in Georgia ( As she is properly named) and this is Lea’s new dog!

Isn’t she just so dang cute?

Their playing!

Lea is VERY photogenic.

Very Nice!

This one is very good! I’m love ‘in the beachy vibes!

This one is Mellower.


Lea never seems complete without her compass!

โ€œIf you throw ice at the sun, it will melt; if you throw spears, they will burn; and if you throw bricks, they will crumble. The sun is invincible; all that comes before it is consumed.โ€

I like all the bright and dark greens in here but there is almost too much light.

That’s all for now everyone I really hope you enjoyed, also I really hope I can go to Chick Fil a


The girl who really wants to go to Chick fil a

( Viola Smiles)



  1. Welcome to America Viola!!! Hey if you ever stop by West Virginia let me know! Wait, you donโ€™t have Chick fil a in Canada? WHAT?!? Enjoy your chicken goodness! Aw Lea and her dog are so adorable!

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  2. Hi Elsa. Glad you got to America. We have a Chic Filet in Kitchener LOL. Love all your stories. You are such a good writer.โค๏ธ

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  3. OH MY GOSH I LOVE CHICK-FIL-A!!! If you haven’t been there, you’re going to LOVE it. I was sort of surprised when I read the part about the one dollar bill, I had no idea Canadians didn’t have one! Georgia is precious ๐Ÿ™‚ Did you bring just Lea to the US, or did you bring other dolls?

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