Beachy Vibes~ A Photoshoot

“It’s been my experience that you can nearly always enjoy things if you make up your mind firmly that you will.” – Anne of green gables

POV Makena

Hello my Faithful Fashion Queens I was at my Grandparents and Viola took some photos of Lea and I ( Makena Hannah Williams) is going to React to it.

AH! That dress with the background is H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E now let’s continue!

Oh, Viola how you have failed again at your job we can all clearly see your leg. you must learn to be a better Author of this blog, I would make a better author! And as in author I mean photography, writing, and showing my outfits off. Now we MUST SIMPLY CARRY ON!

It would look better without the string, also I don’t like that you can see the tag on her dress!

they say “Crazy Hair Don’t Care” but here THAT IS A BIG DARN PROBLEM! It is Clearly in a ponytail of which I * Takes deep breath*  silent, general but intense, rather corrugated, ineffable, sickening, mute but very intense, proud and ineffable, acrid, satirical, fermentation and general, certain insurmountable, entire and speedy, profound boyish, full and penetrating, oddly exhilarating, lofty and excessive, contemptuous and outspoken, boundless temporary, complete exasperated, braying loud, strong and nearly unconquerable, genuine and apparently instinctive, sickening and constant, bitter and insurmountable, healthy and contemptuous, subconscious moral, incipient but very strong, major, angry, universal and outspoken, refined and contemptuous, unconquerable, irrepressible, sheer and uncontrollable. concentrated, baffled, envious, diabolical, German, deadly, undying, deep, implacable, same* out of breath*

Well, I actually like this photo I think it is amazing, astonishing, astounding, awful, eye-opening, fabulous, marvelous (or marvellous), miraculous, portentous, prodigious, staggering, stunning, stupendous, sublime, surprising, wonderful, inspiring, remarkable

( Okay I’m done with the adjectives)

This one is nice but may I point out that her hair is a little too messy it takes the eye off the beautiful sand.

AAHH no first I don’t like that you can see Viola’s ( Please comment that you think I should run this blog cause Viola’s just terrible) sweater and her hair is a little too messy again

Okay. but you can see the tag on her dress. Lea, You really need a hairstylist I plan to make the next doll Viola gets into my personal stylist

VIOLA: Makena! Ya know I’m right here right, eh?

MAKENA: Did I ask?


VIOLA: Do I care?


I have no complaints against this one!

Ugh, Like sometimes I regret that Viola has lea like if she weren’t here she probably WOULD have taken me!

VIOLA: Just Calm down

MAKENA: Are you going to let me do this or not?


BAD .HER HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!

Viola: *sigh* I’m taking it from here.

MAKENA: BYE GUYS! Please don’t forget to comment about me being, ya know!

VIOLA: Can you just leave now?

Guys! I’m at 30 FOLLOWERS! Thanks so much for it! To celebrate I will be starting a new Series as well doing a special post for thirty followers!

MAKENA: I know! I know! It was all be because of me and you….

VIOLA: Makena! JUST GO! Your ruining this moment!


*Perfect moment gone*

Ah, well um Thanks for everything everyone and I hope to post again soon!






    • MAKENA: Diamond! Are you really siding with that Terrible, horrible , No good , very bad Viola??? I would never say that about Lea!
      LEA: Wow, makena I feel so loved.
      MAKENA: I am just saying facts

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  1. VIOLA: I lost all my cover, ( DARN AUNT TERRI)
    MAKENA: See your not a good author besides your name is kinda lame.
    VIOLA: *eye roll* It’s not that bad like….
    MAKENA: Your literally a Disney princess
    VIOLA: I hate being called that.
    MAKENA: That’s why I said it.


  2. I loved all of those pictures!!! No offense Makena, but I don’t think you’d run this blog very good at all, Viola does it best! (It’s even NAMED after her!) Congratulations of 30 followers!!! That’s amazing! I don’t think I’ll ever get there… 😦
    Lydia: Ugg Makena, your so yesterday! The “did I ask?” Roast is so overrated, and I STRONGLY disagree with you on everything you said, these photos are beautiful Viola! And thank God that Viola didn’t take you Makena, I would have thrown up SEVERAL times if it was YOU in those pics!

    Sofia: Um, thank you, Lydia for your um, opinion…

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    • MAKENA: you commented today, not yesterday, yesterday I posted so it was all the rage.
      Your wrong about Viola like Viola isn’t even her name her name is E..
      MAKENA: Fine anyway your wrong she’s a rage monster in real life she is sweet on the blog but ah, living with her is hard! Also I would have been AMAZING AT FLORDIA! Like Lea’s even going to the AG store which is so mean! And if you had thrown up I would have been happy you DESERVE To be sick!
      VIOLA: Sofia, I’m really sorry about Makena She just….


  3. Oh, Makena. Something tells me she would get along well with my doll, Nicole. Even despite her commentary, I think these photos are great! Also 30 followers???! What??! That’s awesome! I think it will take forever for my blog to get there!

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    • MAKENA: Viola, you need to let me meet Nicole
      VIOLA: Makena, she just said that you MAY get along with her doll
      MAKENA: *Not listening* I bet she loves fashion!
      The End
      No! your blog will FOR SURE get there soon!


      • OMG I LOVE FASHION!! Makena, I think we could get along just fine! I completely agree with everything you said- CLEARLY your opinion is as distinguished my own. Would you believe I haven’t been featured on MY blog yet? (No wonder it hasn’t reached 30 followers yet! Obviously you and I are the only dolls people care to see.) I’m even listed in the ‘Meet the Dolls’ page as Nicki! That’s not my name! I’m clearly too important to go by some short pet name such as that. I think we should rise up and create a revolution!! We clearly deserve to run our owner’s blogs much more than they do!

        ~~ The astonishingly fantastic Nicole Evelyn Anderson

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