Tea Time Competition

Hello my Faithful followers! How is everybody? To celebrate 30 followers I’m going to do a competition it is for photography but first how it works!

The theme is a Tea Party!

So I will have a link you can send your photo to only ONE photo please!

If under 18 maybe I would recommend asking a parent/guardian first!

I will be judging on The Story it tells , Detail , setting and Overall appearance

Editing IS Allowed!

The winner will receive a American Girl Doll prize ( It will be from AG and not handmade to clarify) I’m not going to say what it is but i will say I was temped to keep it, lol.

Simple right? now to the dates!

January 17th

Competition starts/ Times to upload photos

January 25th

All photos will be collected and looked thru and judged

January 26th

Winner will receive prize!

If the survey doesn’t work please comment about it and I will try to make it work!

I hope everyone enjoys!

Viola Smiles



  1. Hello! I tried to enter the survey a few times before and my file was too big so I re-sized the photo and entered it but now it says “413 Request Entity Too Large”. I would love to enter but I can’t so I don’t know what to do now. Thanks for reading, I hope this gets fixed soon so I can still enter!

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  2. This looks so fun! I don’t know that I’ll have enough time to get a photo in, but I look forward to seeing what everyone else comes up with!


  3. Alright, I finally got around to taking a photo and submitting it! I’m super excited!! Also, thank you so much for letting me enter. It wouldn’t let me reply again, but accommodating me really means a lot. May the best photo win!


    • If not, do you think I could enter it just for fun? Like, just summit my photo but not put my address? If I won you could give the prize to second place and I wouldn’t mind a bit. I’d be ok with bragging rights… lol. This is a great idea and I really want to do it, I’m just not super comfortable with give my address out.


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