I am really so SORRY!!!

Hello everyone, so this morning I woke up excited to be judging but for reasons I not going to state I’m currently in well, a hospital. No, I’m not dying, I’m not even leaving. I am just a break so I am moving the date to the 28th and by then I Hopefully will be ready to judge.

So Long everyone,

P.s yes, i am writing this at eleven at night


    • Thanks so much for your concern! I have had shortness of breath for a few days but nothing bad then we went for a trip and came back and it got so bad I almost collapsed so then we had to go.
      Tell your dolls thanks so So much for there concern!!!

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  1. Aww man! I hope you get better! Hospitals are no fun (unless you get ice cream, but I’m pretty sure you have to have a tonsillectomy for that and that’s no fun). I will never judge you for putting your own health reasons before your blog. Get well soon, Viola! ❤

    P.S. All of my dolls wanted to add that they hope you get better soon. Even Nicole- well, she kind of scoffed and said “sure,” but she usually scoffs and says “whatever,” so I took that as a yes.

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    • Thanks! that really makes my day! No I’m not getting tonsillectomy I had shortness of breath and had to go to emerancy. Thanks again!!


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