20 Things AG bloggers can relate to

YO- WASSUP!??!?!? So today I thought I should show you something things that I hope you can relate to! and if not…. well, that sucks.

  1. you go into ANY thrift shop your first place is the toy section to see if there are any old AG stuff
  2. You have an amazing post idea! But you get it….. at 1:00 am. .
  3. You can literally never find their hair brush, I’ve had about 2 of these and I only know where 1 is.
  4. 99.9% of the time your broke because you spend it all on dolls.
  5. You keep the boxes the dolls come in……….. for no reason what-so-ever
  6. Garage Sale? More like can I find a beat-up Molly doll??
  7. you clean your hole room up and then you make it a mess again by doing a photoshoot.
  8. You think that if your doll even gets the smallest bit wet it’s the end of the world
  9. Even if the AG movies are the worst ever you WILL persist in watching them.
  10. if you get any kind of small thing you keep it. “Hmm this little cap could be a cup, do I need it no, but am I going to keep it ? YES”
  11. you know that one person who owns a AG doll but treats it horrible.
  12. You’ve spent hours looking on american girl.
  13. When your parents ask you if there is anything besides AG you want your at a loss.
  14. When your parents say your going on vacation your first thought is Can I Bring My Doll??
  15. You’ve spent hours looking on American Girl .
  16. You have one doll that you regret buying.
  17. you go on facebook market place to try to find that one GOTY ( girl of the year) you never bought.
  18. It’s painful to hear people call your dolls “Baby dolls”
  19. You have one doll that you secretly love better than the rest.
  20. Lastly, some of you kept reading this even though your not into AG.

I really had to change up the Into a little today like it gets boring just reading Hello my Faithful Followers! Also I really didn’t feel like cleaning my room up today so no pictures! but I hope you still enjoyed.






  1. Wow! I CAN relate to ALL of these! Especially the one about the GOTY, I recently fell in love with Gabriela, and I’m looking all over Facebook Market place for her!

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  2. This is so true! When I am in my bed and that’s when I think of a post that would be great but then I forget it when it’s morning. Also, I am always looking for dolls second hand and any mini things!

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  3. OMG I related to every one of these (except for the last one because I am into AG) I think I relate to 1 and 6 the most. We all know that I’m a little, err… obsessed with flea market shopping. I don’t think I’ve ever spent any of my own money on anything except dolls, either. I totally definitely don’t (do) relate to 19. Min-Ji totally definitely isn’t (is) my favorite doll.

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    • I agreed, but do you ever get those weird looks from people when your in the toy section? I do not that I mind but it’s just weird.


      • I can’t say I usually get weird looks! I would expect to, because I’m a teenager who definitely looks like an even older teenager, but maybe it’s because there are a lot of adults in the toy section at the flea market I usually go to? The lady at the checkout when I bought my Jly 4 didn’t even give me a weird look and I was acting kinda… crazy.

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      • I agree like I’m pretty tall for a ten year old ( 5’3 apparently is tall for my age) and Well this one time I was buying some doll clothes and the lady at the checkout asks me if I was buying this for my sister!


    • I did the last one because ( surprisingly) there are a lot of None AG bloggers following! I also can relate to number 19 *glances over at kaya*.


  4. When we go on a vacation, it’s more like, Which doll do I bring? Doll suitcase or duffel bag, or just backpack? Do I bring a pet? Do I need doll skis? 🤣

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