Thank You!

Hello Everyone! How is everyone doing? I got some results back from the survey, so I might as well tell you what they were.

What doll do you want to see more of?

Tay ended up coming in first ( surprisingly), which I didn’t think anyone wanted Tay so much!

Makena came in second, which I must say I’m not surprised. Makena has a way of making you love her but hate her at the same time!

What Posts do you like the most?

Series won, which is very surprising because I think my past series was a fail.

In second, Meet the dolls.

What would YOU like to see from me?

Day in the life of *dolls name* won by an avalanche!

In second we have more Post about me (viola).

Is there anything I could Do better? ( Honestly I want to know)

Here is the hard part, like anyone who owns a blog know how hard it is to read the things you do wrong but, you have to hear it in order to get better. (NOTE: I skipped some of them because they were about the same thing, also I shorted than down a little so they weren’t so long.)

The only thing I can really think of for you to improve is to have a consistent blogging schedule. Like, sometimes you post every day and then sometimes it’s once a week…but I feel like readers might prefer it if it was consistent?

I can see were your coming from with the schedule. I’ve been thinking about making one but, my life just can’t fit it all in . Like I swim (competitively) three days a week plus awana and friends.

I KNOW that sounds like I’m making a bunch of excuses but I needed to kind of show you what my life is like. Also if this sounds rude in text I don’t mean it to.

It would be a whole lot easier and more fun to read if you use punctuation in your conversations. Use quotation marks, commas, etc.

Yeah, let’s just say I’m not the BEST person in the world as to grammar. I agree my conversations need to get some more punctuation in them. Thanks for the info!

honestly, it makes me cringe when I see how messy your doll’s hair is.

I’m the owner of ten annoying dolls and YES my dolls hair is messy 99.9 percent of the time. YES i do brush it but for some reason or another it gets messy again. WHY? I literally don’t know!


Everyone said yes so i guess so!!


Yeah, I’m sorry about my grammar, schedule and dolls hair, but I hope I can do better!




ALSO Did you know that 23 of you people are reading this in your reader and probably never looked at my real website?and 13 of you are reading this in your e-mail.



    • Strangers? I consider than as blogging friends! But yeah it’s kind of hard to read like I’ve spent SO much time working on my blog, but reading these make the blog better!


  1. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm……I might only read posts from my reader? XD! Thx for posting! And I totally understand the hair thing, but that’s all I could think of…..

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  2. That’s so brave of you to post everything including the improvement comments! Shows your loyalty to your readers. I don’t keep a schedule in my blog except to make sure I post SOMETHING every month, cause life really does get busy and unpredictable.

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  3. the reason your dolls hair is always messy is not because you aren’t brushing and keeping them in good order, its because you USE them all the time! You don’t just leave them on a shelf. you ALWAYS have them and use them and enjoy them!

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