Blogs That Are Great (Part 2)

Hello My Faithful Followers!!!! Today we’re going to look at some blogs that are great! I did this post Last year but, today I was thinking that there are some more blogs that need some light!! ( PLEASE NOTE: All the images belong to the owners)

dollightful dolls

I found this blog well searching for new doll blogs. When I first clicked on it I knew it was a very happy sort of blog. The blogger herself ( Jackylina ) has a way of making the dolls VERY lifelike which I find a great read! Her reviews are also stunning!

this image is very charming, which of course makes me love it the best!!!!!

Favorite Post: Catoctin National Park

In A Dolls World

In A Dolls world is one my all time favorites, the author ( Sofia ) has a fun manner and playfulness of spirit. This blog has given me so many great laughs, smiles, ect. if you want a blog to scroll the post THIS one is the one I go to ! Sofia’s writing is funny and interesting.

this is my total favorite, the hair stands out. Her outfit is also super cool!

Favorite post: The Collab I did with her!


Just Dolling is a Hilarious, funny and overall happy blog to know. The blogger herself has 35 (!?) dolls which always makes a great post!! Her comments are always funny and charming. She  also has the knack to make you keep reading, which is something I believe few bloggers have!

this one is so good , I’m pretty sure it’s edited but I think it makes it look stunning!!!!!!

Favorite post: Saltwater and Ocean Puns

The DollVille Blog

You remember Adventures of AG Dolls? Well this is her sister who, I must say is a AMAZING blogger! She’s a very humorous blogger to read. For me it is a TOTAL delight to see she’s posted!

YOU HAVE A DOLL SLED!??!?!?! This is one of the cutest photos, because of : the sled of course

favorite post:

Block Out the World

Peace in the Pines

Peace In the pines may not be a “American Girl” blog but it is a maplea blog which is great! ( If you don’t know what-the-heck is Maplea it is basically the Canadian version of AG) It’s very funny, and witty. She is also canadian which is great because I can read her post without wondering why american spell couleur……. color?!

This photo is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L, the blue and white flowers make her dress stand out! 

Favorite Post: How Hailey -I mean, dolls- Show(s) Emotion


how did you like it!?!??!!?!?!?!??!!? I’m kind of amazed at how my list of Blogs that are great has grown!


I shall only leave you with a quote

You only see me laughing, sunshine and  a smiling face sometimes I wear it like a mask, it’s easier that way”



  1. Well, yes, American spelling may not be your favorite, but it does add a lot of flavor to our language! Should I be neighborly, do you a favor, and write a post with Canadian spellings? That would be a labor, but it would be humorous!

    Sorry just had to throw all of those American spellings in there. 😉 This was a fun post!

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      • I got it in the decor section at Target. It was maybe $6.99 in US dollars? It was supposed to be a wall hanging, but I cut off the original sled string and made it longer so that It was better for the dolls.


  2. Aww, your so sweet! Thank you for including me! So in Canada you spell color, couleur? Cool! Just wondering do you have your quotation marks differently too? We do ours like this: “Hi” you did yours like this ,,Hi”

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