A Day In The Life Of Makena

Hello my WONDERFUL FAISHON QUEENS!! It’s me the charming Makena!! I’m I literally haven’t been on the blog since this post! and I’m here to tell you MY AMAZINGLY PRETTY WEEKEND!!

7:00 am: Sleep

8:00 am: At this time I am usually up and picking my outfit!!!!

8:30: I’ve picked out my outfit and now I’m eating whatever my siblings made.

9:00: So now i’m doing my hair and doing a FULL wardrobe look thru to make sure I haven’t lost anything.

10:00: Now I go and tell my family how to make there outfits better. But the problem is that they don’t take it!!!

11:30: Now I go out and Shop!

1:00am: by the time I get back it’s 1:00

1:30: Now I eat the things my siblings made that day.

2:00: So now I sketch

4:00: Now we eat and have desert.

5:00: Get ready for bed

9:00: Go to bed.

Hey guys it’s Viola, I’m not sure if I’ll be posting the next few weeks because if your my family you know I’m spending a week with my Grandma so I’ll see you soon!





  1. Ooh, sounds like you do very important things, Makena! Thank you for sharing your day with us!
    And to Viola, we understand! Have fun with your grandma!


  2. Lydia: BORING!!!! What a waste of time, actually it’s a waste of time for u to live! I take this as challenge number one! For um our war, you know, the- the thing!
    Sofia: You know Viola, Lydia has a good point-
    Lydia: don’t I always?
    Sofia: we could have different posts for challenges for Makena and Lydia to compete agenst each other! What do you think? This could be challenge 1! And we could let our followers decide the winers!


      • Lydia: . . .sorry, hehe I didn’t know that you were there, um, Viola…
        Sofia: LYDIA LAVENDER!!!!
        Lydia: mom?!?
        Sofia: you’re grounded.
        Lydia: but, I was only—
        Sofia: No buts!
        Lydia: fine!
        Sofia: I’m terribly sorry, Viola! She can definitely be a brat sometimes. But, for our collab do you think that having challenges for our doll’s war would be good? I think it might be fun! Let me know what you think!

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