Caleb’s 20 tips to survive with sisters

POV Caleb

Hi guys! today I was talking to my friend I thought I should give you guys some tips to live with your sisters.

  1. You always have to have extra snacks. Yes, this is a crucial part of living with sisters, because for some reason or another your the last person to eat.
  2. Get used to drama. Yup there is a lot of drama here, like everyday Makena outbreaks.
  3. Lay low at times. Laying low is great because if you don’t your sister will be sooooo angry sometimes if you don’t.
  4. Don’t try to outshine your sisters they’ll never forgive you.
  5. NEVER WHATEVER YOU DO STUT OFF THE TV WHEN THERE WATCHING. they will never ever ever ever ever forgive you.
  6. Don’t even think of trying to argue. They will gang up on you!
  7. Fight for the bedroom downstairs. When it comes to this screw everything I said about no arguing.
  8. Always read Harry Potter.
  9. life with girls you have to time everything like I get up at 7:20 so I can make breakfast first and don’t have to wait in a lonnnggg line to get it.

11. your personal opinion will not matter what so ever.

12. never enter into a club with your sisters. Why? because they will expect you to do everything.

13. Ignore things. Ignore a lot if stuff your family does such as; Ty and Kira blasting the same song (wasted on you and you proof)

14. Find friends. To keep your sanity find some boy doll friends.

( oops! i spelled hind instead of hint)

16. Always get them money for their birthday. One time I got Becca sunglasses but the next day she went back and returned them for another pair!

17. Go into a sport that takes time. Yes, I’m in basket ball and I have try outs four days a week!

18. Try to learn by yourself, it’s a lot easier then wait an hour for your sister to help.

19. pranking people and not getting found out. Heh, totally you have to figure out the art of pranking.

The end I hope these help you!!!!



  1. Logan: Yup. These are very true! Although, when you have 36 sisters, it doesn’t hurt to befriend some of them either. But only if they’re cool and not annoying.


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