My book/song reconditions.

HEH! I am totally making a Non-AG post!? Yeah, either I am super not excited for my swim meet or I’m just really excited for my new camera! ( Special Thanks to Aunt A!). Now lets start!

Mr. Misunderstood .

Mr. Misunderstood is a amazing song by Eric Church! I actually saw this song in concert!

Mr. Misunderstood is a song about a boy who is mistaken by everybody.

The Last Time

The Last Time is a very sad song about never knowing when happy times are going to end. Such as losing a loved one, moving , ect.

Last Time is by tenille towns.

Don’t stay gone too long.

Don’t stay gone too long is about growing up and moving away, and how you never want them to leave.

Don’t stay gone too long is by Kylie Morgan

My book reconditions.



Emma (2009) | The Jane Austen Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia 

First off, DO NOT UNDERESTENMATE THIS BOOK. it is literally my favorite book.

My overview: Emma woodhouse is a the youngest daughter of a noble family, her mom is dead, her father is scared of everything, and her only sister is married. When emma was young her mother died and, her place was taken by a governess (Mrs Taylor). And when the governess gets married things start to happen………



Dracula by Bram Stoker - Book - Read Online

This book is truly blood curling! And no it’s not the vampire thing your thing of!!

My overview: Jonathan Harker is going to meet Count Dracula to finalize Dracula purchasing a estate in England. But Jonathan soon finds himself trapped………

So when I first read this book I wasn’t super into it but now I love it!

My overview: Sophie Foster is just a kid, but not just any kid she can read people’s thoughts. One day she meet a Boy who shows her that she’s a elf and after going into their world meets her friends Dex, Fitz, Keefe, and Biana.




  1. KOTLC is so good! You know what…I think I might read Emma right now! I was just wondering what book I should read…and I have the beautiful Barnes & Noble special edition of Emma sitting right on my shelf…

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