My FIRST time at an AG store!

“We back, we back, we back in the speakers
Back in black getting blasted in the bleachers
It’s probably true what my momma said
I do it just like my daddy did
We back, we back, we back in the saddle
Back on stage making the whole place rattle
Back with the A-Team, train on the track
Thought we were gone, but you wrong, now it’s on, we back”

WASSSSSSUP?!?!?!? I am BACK!! WITH A TOTALLY AMAZING POST FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, you read the title right I went to the AG store back in January. but I never posted about so i’m going to now (?)

Let’s start off with somthing i have wanted to do for like EVER! I WENT TO CHICK FIL A!!!!!!! It was amazing! The guy even said “Have a blessed day!”

( Heh, is that a viola I spy?)


Nanea is totally on my wish list!

This house is crazy, like it even has a pool!

I Really like the travel outfits!

Bonas photo of my mom trying to figure out which one has a Dreidel in it!!

TAY: IT’S ME IN MY HORRIBLE OUTFIT!!!! Not that i’m a fashion freak no………..

So after buying everything we went outside to open it!!

first Tay.

And then a dress for her!

And then my mom suprised me with the England world traveler outfit!

Hers Lea with it on!

Next, I opened Addy!

And then Josie.

And then *Heh* Me with everything……. ( please ignore my super messy hair!!)

Lea got her hair done!

and her Ears pierced!

After that We went to the AG cafe.

We got this SUPER cute AG trivia!

We had tea it was really good!

And then we got fizzy drinks!

That ‘s all the photo from the AG store, BUT we have some bonus photos!


Heh, were these taken in January no TOTALLY not!



  1. YAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy you went to AG place!!!! Ooo is your hair blonde? It looks so pretty in the little bit I saw!!! Jw, not trying to get into yo business or anything but, are you Jewish??? I have a feeling you are, idk I’m weird. Sometimes for some reason I have these feelings that about random people and they are actually true! It’s weird. Example: this morning I felt like my friend Savannah was going to be at church. And when I walked into the door, guess who came to hug me? Savannah! It was weird. You don’t have to answer this question but I was just wondering!!!
    It looks like you had a fun trip!!! Hope you enjoyed AG!!!!!

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    • Yeah, I’m messianic Jewish which means I celebrate all of the holidays in the bible ( Passover, Hanukkah, etc.) and yeah I’m blond! I’m sending you a letter with photos of me! also i got your letter!

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  2. Ah I love the American Girl store! I haven’t gone since before Covid, but it’s still so nostalgic to me!
    Lol, yes, Chick-Fil-A workers are well-renowned for saying “Have a blessed day” and “My pleasure”.

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