Family Photos!

HELLO my (very) Faithful Followers!! Sooooooooooo, your probably like, ” WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU, WHAT ARE YOU DOING AND WHY HAVEN’T YOU POSTED?!?!?!!?” Well, those are VERY good questions which I have amazing answers. . . . . . . Oh, you actally want to hear them? Well it started at the begining of April I had a three day swim meet ( which by the was AMAZING) and then easter happened and after that I just felt four words (about blogging), Uninspired, unwanted, and unmotivated. BUT WE BACK! (que the lyrics!)

We back, we back, we back in the speakers
Back in black getting blasted in the bleachers
It’s probably true what my momma said
I do it just like my daddy did
We back, we back, we back in the saddle
Back on stage making the whole place rattle
Back with the A-Team, train on the track
Thought we were gone, but you wrong, now it’s on, we back!!!!!!!

Ahem, I just had to!

ANYHOW, I thought since in 2023 the Smiles family has had some new members we should do some family photos, so here they are!

First off we have our wonderful Tay!

TAY: “Who by the way made a huge sacrifice and wore a dress!”

Lea Clark, well she looks nice doesn’t she?

Bonas grass photo!!!!!!

CALEB!!!!!!!! Doesn’t he look glorious?

Ah, who could forget the fashion queen!?

And our book lover Samantha!

KAYA!!!!! Yes my totally not favorite doll!!


Can you guess who the next one is??

Rebecca! Ah, I’ve been though a lot with this doll.

ADDY WALKER!!!! (I’ll update her profile soon!)

Josefina (a.k.a Josie) Montoya!!!!! This girl has like the worlds best hair!

And FINALLY the family photos!!!!!! I hope EVERYONE enjoyed!



viola smiles


  1. Lydia: *sighs* Caleb is just so handsome…
    Sofia: Lydia!
    Lydia: um, I mean all of you look so nice!!! Hehe…
    Mackenzie: WOW! Makena! You’re looking gorgeous girly!!! I just L O V E Love that dress!!!!!
    Sofia: Beautiful pictures, Viola!!! I got your letter! I think Lea looks the best!! But all beautiful!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • CALEB: Uh, Thank you?! *weird silence*
      Viola: *coughs* Well, thanks! I’m actually happy with how they turned out!
      MAKENA: Girl, you and me are BOTH fashion queens!


        Mackenzie: uh, Makena do you know anything about what’s happening with Lydia? Aw, thanks!!! Yas you and me gurl!!!!


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