The Smiles-Sister-Wars (Part 1.5)

Okay, so if you read the last post I said I’m going to post Wednesdays. So I’m going to make up by posting this.

POV of Rebecca

“You know we actually did OK.” Lea commented.

“Yeah, your right.” I agreed.

“I’m going to go to bed” Lea yawned.

Lea sighed,” I really don’t like this place. I bet you Caleb’s in a five star hotel well me, you, Tay, and Kira are in this horrid cabin.”

“Well, at least we can see nature!” I exclaimed.

“I guess your right.” Lea agreed.

“Good, I’m glad we agree!” I spoke happily.

Just then Team Foster-Keefe walked in and Tay exclaimed,” WHAT THE HECK! WHERE ARE WE? WHAT ARE WE DOING? AND WHY ARE WE SLEEPING IN THIS LOAD OF GARBAGE!!!!”

My eye brows shoot up,” Hey, calm down!”

” I am calm, but just wait until I see Caleb again I’m going to strangle him!!” Tay shrieked.

“Woah, back the T-rex up!” I quoted.

“Team Foster-Keefe will always be cooler.” Tay quoted back.

“You should probably brush your hair.” Lea suggested

“You did not just insult the hair” Tay quoted yet again.

I held my hand up,” Okay, enough Keefe quotes! ”


Kira finally piped up,” What time izzit?”

I looked at my watch and said,” Oh, uh 9:30.”

“Tiiiiiiiiiiiime for bed,” Lea sang.

POV of Lea

It felt like a moment I closed my eyes to sleep and next thing I new I heard,” WAKE UP SISTERS!!!!”

I sighed. I knew this day was going to be long, I also knew we would have harder challenges.


Hope y’all enjoyed!





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