Meet The Dolls/Me

Rebecca Rubin

Rebecca is sweet and pretty she does like being the boss though. She like singing. And gardening.

Age: 12 she is the third oldest

birthday: May 4

Favorite food: Roasted Watermelon

Favorite color: Blue

What was your childhood nickname: Becca

What is your biggest fear in life?: Dark places

What most adventurous thing you have done in life?: Jump off a 50 foot cliff into water

How often do you go for a picnic in a year?: At least five times

What she really wants: Plants

Her Interests: She’s not into sports, but loves gardening!

Top 3 Quotes: “Too much of anything is never a good thing
Is it a bad thing I’m good on my own?”

“People just come and go never thinking about me, never once knowing me or seeing me, but God the king of all sees me” – Herself

“I hope we meet before if not I’ll see you later” – Lukas Graham

Favorite blog: :

Fun Fact: She knows Hebrew

Favorite quote image :

In Viola’s Eyes: Rebecca is a sweet girl but, can have a bit of a temper she loves kids and hopes Viola will get a Willie wisher.


Photo taken with Focos

Kaya Is a amazing girl. All she ever wants is to help and give. you got a trouble? Well you are in luck, she is the best helper and comforter.

age: 15 she’s the oldest in the family!

b-day: july 7th

Favorite food: Roast Steak and green beans with butter.

What was your childhood nickname? : Magpie

What is your biggest fear in life?: To not fulfill what is expected of her

What most adventurous thing you have done in life?: Leave home for a month

How often do you go for a picnic in a year?: 0 times

Favorite color: Navy Blue

Favorite Movie: Emma

What she really wants: To Help Animals.

Quote: “He is a gentleman I am a gentleman’s daughter so far we are equal”

Favorite quote image:

Favorite blog:

Fun Fact:She loves Hot dogs

Kira Bailey

Kira is a GO GETTER. She is not afraid to argue to get what she wants. She loves to wear shorts and a t-shirt ( Her and Makena get in to fights about fashion ) . in winter time all she wants to do is build forts and ride sleds!

Age : 13

Favorite Color(s) : Yellow, And LOTS AND LOTS OF NEON !

birthday: August 19th

Tv Show/ Movie : The Hobbit

Hobby: Jumping On her sisters beds

Favorite Youtube Channel :

top 3 Favorite quote: “Just forget that there is such things as citys and BE COUNTRY!!!!!” – her

“Ginny: Mom have you seen my jumper?

Mrs Weasley: Yes, it’s on the cat dear” – Harry Potter And the chamber of secrets

” Fooooooooooooooooooooooood” – her

favorite quote image:

Best Friend : ginger ( My friends Doll)

Kira is a ball of fun she loves spending her days outside building forts, canoeing, boating, camping and so many other things!

Caleb Max Montgomery

Caleb is quiet and shy. He loves spending the afternoon reading books. he loves to play trucks with Dud Jr ( Viola’s little brother) . he also loves bike riding.

Age : 14 he is actually the oldest of the Family but is the most quiet

Birthday: sept 13th

Favorite Colors : He LOVES the color Green

Favorite foods: a hot soup ( but only the one that Kaya makes)

Favorite youtube channel:

Nickname: Cal

Quote: My philosophy is that worrying means you suffer twice

Best Friend : his toy dog

Hobbies : Reading, Writing , basketball

favorite quote image :

Fun Fact While Caleb likes to be alone most of the time, one of his favorite things to do is hang around the kitchen while his sister bake

Makena Williams

Makena Loves fashion, Friends, and Flowers. But she is nice to have around as a friend she doesn’t like her family’s fashion ( especially Kira’s) and wishes they would dress better.
What she wants: More Clothes

Best friend: Has none

b-day: Feb 23th

Favorite Singer: Carrie Underwood

Favourite Food: Tim Hortons Doughnuts

Favorite Blog: Adventures of the AG dolls

Favorite Quote: “The great thing about fashion is that it always moves forward.”

Favorite quote image:

Favorite hobbies: spending hours in her room picking out her outfit for the next day

Birthday: 10/10/10 October the 10 2010

Photo taken with Focos

Samantha Ann Parkington

Samantha is very reserved not wanting to say very much . She doesn’t want to be on the blog very much, she would rather stay at home reading.

Favorite Food: Bread and butter

Favorite Color: Red and Gray

What She wants: More Books

Quote: “Sometimes one is guided by what they say of themselves, and very frequently by what other people say of them, without giving oneself time to deliberate and judge.” -Elinor Dashwood” ― Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility  

Favorite Blog/Book:Ellora and Sejal’s World of Dolls

Fun Fact: Sometimes she wishes she lived in the 18th Century

Lea Clark

Lea has had a hard past life which make her sometimes sad but she is learning to see the good side of life and to enjoy the good times

Favorite food: Anything with chocolates

Favorite color: yellow

What she really wants: A pet

Quote: “You Only see me laughing sunshine and a smiling face sometimes i wear it like a mask it’s easier that way”

Favorite quote image:

Favorite blog: Jessica & Lea

Fun Fact: Lea’s name means weary

Emma-Taylor Zhang.

Ty is outgoing and bold, she never stops to think and loves saying what she really think about something.

Favorite food : Candy, bruh

Favorite color: bright bright bright yellow

What she really wants: CANDY

Quote: I’m not the best, I’m not the greatest … but I PRETEND I am! – Her

Favorite quote image:

Favorite blog: Forever Willow Tree

fun fact: I once blew up a professor at a school.

Josefina Montoya

She is very reserved and sharp, but she is also calm and loving.

Favorite Food: Cheese and crackers.


Addy Walker!?


Viola Smiles ( Owner, auther)

Favorite food: Noodles

Favorite color: Blue

What she really wants: More Dolls!

Quote: “Don’t get me wrong I didn’t have it bad
I got enough loving from my mom and dad
But I don’t think they really understood
When I said that I wanted the deal in Hollywood
I told them I’ll be singing on TV
The other kids were calling me a wannabe
The older kids, they started bugging me
But, hah now they’re all standing right in front of me”

Favorite blog: This Blog

Favorite quote image :

Fun Fact: Viola’s not my real name!

What People Say

“Wait…..Rebecca has roasted watermelon, she seems like a very kind person.”

Elorra And Sejal

Kaya Is so humble I wish I could meet her!


Your A Wonderful Person and Have a Great Voice So Let’s Talk!

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