• Country Music Album Redo

    Hi guys so today I am going to recreate country music albums (staring my dolls) but in the I think they should look like. So here we go!

    So this is the Tenille Towns cover to “Masquerades” one of her newest albums out.

    And this is what I think it should look like.

    This is the Villain in Me cover

    And this is mine.

    This is the cover of Talladega by Eric Church

    This is mine

    What do you think of them? The first one is the cover to “Chief” made in 2011 and has some of his best songs.

    This is the cover of half of my hometown

    This one I am not a fan of.

    I think anyone who listens to country music has heard Jon Pardi “Dirt on my boots “if you haven’t your CRAZY!

    This photo was actually going to be on the front of the website.

    This is “If I was a cowboy” by Miranda Lambert

    And this is mine! That’s all I have today! Comment albums I should do next

  • Lea and Rose

    Hello guys how are y’all doing? My friend came over today and brought her doll so we took some pictures! Here they are!

    If any of my followers remembers this post and the name of it comment it.

    So yeah, that’s all I got for now.

  • A quick sidenote!

    Hi guys I did some changes to Viola smiles. but it is all the same so please enjoy!

  • Colors of the Season – Thanksgiving Tag

    Hello my friends! How is everybody doing? I’m great and it’s time for a tag! I got tagged my Brooklyn Harms so thanks to her! now lets start!

    The Rules:

    -Answer ALL the question truthfully

    -Use the Tag photo above in your blog post

    -Credit the creator (Hailey) in your blog post

    -Tag one to ten blogging friends! (Not required to be followed to each other)

    -And lastly, comment (or include in your post) your favourite Mixiepixie7 holiday (Halloween, Christmas, etc.) video!

    Okay in this Rebecca is going to answer these questions!

     What’s Your Favorite Part of Thanksgiving?

    Hmm, I live pretty far from my relatives and I going down to see them !

    What’s Your Favorite Thanksgiving Food?

    it’s NEVER a thanksgiving without cranberry sauce!


    WWhat’s Your Favorite Fall Themed Blog Post You’ve Made, This Year?

    Probably Rebecca and Fairs,

    Favorite Thanksgiving Themed Episode or Movie?

    I like the Garfield’s Thanksgiving Episode

    When Having Dinner, Are You The Extrovert (the one who talks non stop) or The Introvert (the one who doesn’t say a word)?

    The Extrovert no questions asked.

    Least Favorite Part About Thanksgiving?

    When there are people there you don’t know or in my case sometimes, I am the only person my age there.

     On Thanksgiving, Do You Dress Fancy, Simple (but nice), or just What You Wear Everyday?

    I love dressing up for things so I would wear a fancy dress.

    Favorite Thanksgiving Themed GIF?

    I don’t use GIFs

     Least Favorite and Favorite Pie?

    My least favorite pie hmm. grape pie

    Rebecca, Grape pie isn’t a thing. – Viola

    Well It may not but I don’t think it would be good if there was one- R

    Fine! Just carry on- Viola

    OK and my favorite is pecan pie

    Which of Your Dolls Loves Thanksgiving the Most?

    Makena for sure


    The box it the bus stop!

    Now Who Will I be tagging?

    Ellora and Sejal’s World of Dolls

    Hope she has fun!

  • Too Far Off (Part 6 Villan in Me)

    I hope you guys don’t think I am going insane by posting this but I’ll tell you guys why at the end but know let’s get into a episode of To Far Off

    When Lea stood up she faced a person wearing a black cape covering her hole body.

    Lea thought fast. She jumped up and landed on the stranger giving a blow so hard that left both on the ground.

    By the time Lea got up Stranger/Random person was up and running fast.

    When the black figure turned the corner Lea shivered. And Lea never found out who are what that was. When she took a look around she realized she was alone but on the ground lay a black cloth. Inquisitive to find out what it was Lea grabbed it and seeing it was only a black scarf put it in her pocket.

    Her next thought was to find Makena. She walked a little way before finding her in a nearby cave.

    Lea?! Are you okay.- M

    the true was Lea hadn’t been thinking about how much she was hurting but when Makena said that she realized how much she was hurting.

    I-I’m fine we just need to find a place to settle down for the night. – L

    How about the cave. Also you don’t look so good. do we have any water left?- M

    Yes to the cave. I am don’t feel well. And No the water question.-L

    You stay here I am going to find a stream.-M

    Okay be careful- L

    POV: Lea

    I never knew how long I slept it must of been a good 8 hours because when I woke up I felt the warm sun splash onto me.

    I had many bruises and my body ached. But who knew Makena was such a good nurse her personality had changed since she had come out here. But I was too sick to think anymore about it.

    the next few day ran away. And all I can clearly say is that I remember Makena saying

    Lea! Lea! – M

    yes? -L

    I know we’re we are! – M

    Really?- L

    yeah I wouldn’t lie about this- M

    yeah I know it’s just too good to be true! So were are we? – L

    Ten minutes out of the east side of town- M

    like by were the Apple art gallery is?- L

    No more by the bridge- M

    So how will we get back? – L

    Well I can’t leav you so I don’t think we can.- M

    But you said ten minutes!- L

    Yeah Lea! BY CAR!- M

    Oh- Lea

    *Lea falls silent*
    I know how we can do it- Lea says quietly

    How it’s impossible!- M

    You leave me here and you go and get help- L

    What? I could never do that!- M

    Makena Hannah Williams! You have stayed outside in the cold for at least a month, Ran though woods, Helped cure a sick person, found water and food, found a trail even when I thought we were Too Far Off, and now your telling me you can’t walk an hour to help yourself and your sister live?-L

    Well now that you put it that way I guess I could- M

    The End of too Far off Part six

    I know y’all I said I wouldn’t finish it but. There was a blogger who said she really liked and wanted to see part 6 so I thought maybe just for her I would try to finish it. But in my last post no one answered my question which doll played the stranger?

  • Photo dump.

    Hello! I thought it would be fun to show you guys all the photos I never showed.

    Wow looking back at how many photos I never post.


    You guys have probably seen this on the the home page but I have never posted it. It’s one of my favourite.

    These one are okay. I really like the one of Rebecca but I wish I had made it brighter. 


    What was your favourite? And can you guess who was the person in black in the Too Far Off?

  • A Photo story + A update and many quotes

    Hello everyone, I haven’t been posting too much. I have been working very hard to try but when I do, I just don’t think it is good enough so today I decided just to grab my doll and take pictures. I am taking a tiny break from the To Far Off series I think I will go back to it but not right now.

    If you got a chance, take it
    Take it while you got a chance

    “Life is up and down from the time you get here till the time you leave”
    "You'll only see me laughing
    Sunshine and a smiling face
    Sometimes I wear it like a mask
    It's easier that way"

    Too much of anything is never a good thing
    Is it a bad thing I'm good on my own?
    I could say anything
    Nobody's listening
    It's just the sound of being alone
    Oh, oh
    Image preview

    Good morning Guests” he said. “Though when I say good, I don’t mean it won’t probably turn to rain or it might be snow, or fog, or thunder. You didn’t get any sleep, I daresay.”

    Image preview

    “Choosing a new book was like looking for treasure.” ― Kit Pearson, Awake and Dreaming

    That’s all I have today!

  • To Far Off (Part 5 When a song hits you)

    Mackena I am going in the house you stay out here, okay? – Lea

    Okay, Lea! – Mackena

    Lea walked inside and saw………

    Two jackets and a note

    Lea walked over and grabbed the Letter and read.

    How could you do this? You know I warned you! But I will not be too hard on.

    J.A Shaw

    Just then a memory flashed in my head. I was sitting by the fire. And Grandma Shaw was sitting too. And she said if I ever brought any other person things would happen. I thought she was joking but boy I was wrong.

    Lea though the paper. And walked away with Makena.

    • Five Days Later*

    Lea and Makena where walking when a person clothed in black walked Infront of them.

    So, what is in the bag? -Stranger

    Nothing- Lea

    Yeah really? – S

    Yes- Lea

    Stranger pulls her to the ground.

    Lea! – Makena

    Run!- Lea

    Lea was lying on the ground. When she opened her eyes, she saw the person smiling at her she felt her anger burn hard. But she knew she couldn’t get up. but when she thought she could do no more this came to into her head.

    “Give me sticks, give me stones bend my body break my bones Use staff to turn me black and blue. Cause you can’t I hear you can’t unsay. But if it were up to me to change I’d turn “lies” and “ hate “ to “love” and “ truth” If I could only kill a word

    Lea stood up to face…

    The End Of To Far Off part 5!

  • To Far Off( Part 4 Sometimes I feel like the last one standing )

    POV Makena

    To Many of you this may sound silly. But I followed Lea when she left, but um I kinda lost her and um then I was lost. Now here I am a gorgeous Queen like I am ALONE with no clothes than what I was wearing. I continued to walk.

    The trees were big.

    *Later That Day*

    Ah, I guess I better find a place to sleep. Ooh how about that big pile of leaves. I have always wanted to sleep in leaves!

    I must have slept for a Looonnnngggg time cause when I woke up it was daytime. I got up and realized I hadn’t brought any water or food. So, I got up to see if I could find a stream or something. I finally did and never I repeat NEVER did water feel so good.

    • Five Days Later*

    I was walking and mumming when it happened. I saw a person not too far from where I was. When I got closer, I saw it was a girl.


    Makena?! Why-why are you here? She demanded.

    I followed you when you left, say, why are you wearing those close I have never seen that before.

    Makena stop talking and LET ME FINSH SPEAKING. Her voice raised as she talked. Sorry I shouldn’t have yelled. but listen here. I met an old lady, and she took me in and made me wear these, understand?


    Do you have questions?

    Yes, why did you leave. Where are we? Who is the lady? Can I have some food? And is there a shopping mall? And before you left did you meet Amber

    Yes *Sigh* Okay I left because I heard Caleb say ” We Can’t Keep Her”and-

    Oh He meant Amber.


    Oh! You didn’t hear? Rebecca found her in our yard.

    in our yard?

    yup crazy right?

    POV Kira’s Diary

    November 7th 2022 2:36

    I had to deal with that CHILD that Amber. Man she asked at least 50 questions a minute 🙄.

    Sometimes I wonder where Lea is when you need her. And Macy ( Makena) is gone. What were they thinking??? Poor Kaya though she is very sad. Rebecca and Samantha are like devoted slaves but well I guess she deserves it, She has been taking care of use for awhile. Caleb left for a week. And I have to take care of Amber. She is sleeping right so I have time to write. I think I may go for a walk.

    *Later That Day*

    Wow! It was nice outside. But I must be quiet Kaya is finally sleeping after restless day of not. I may even take a nap too.
    Nah! I was joking I am going to the woods.


    POV Kaya

    I don’t know why Lea is gone or why Makena is gone all I know that I think it is that I wasn’t kind enough to them I hope they are safe wherever they are.

    The End Of Part 4

    Hi guys! How did you like that? It took me a little longer than expected but I did it I hope to do the next one by Sunday!

  • Remaking Photography

    Hi guys! I have been tagged to remake photography! I am SUPER excited to do this ( thanks again RJ for tagging me). Now let’s start by showing the rules


    – Link the creator (Hailey)

    – Tag 1-10 people!

    – Use the Remaking Photography! – Tag photo.

    – Choose only ONE picture from the photoshoot to recreate

    – Keep the chain going!

    – And most importantly have FUN!

    This is explained in more detail on Hailey’s blog, Hailey’s Joyful Dolls.



    ( it didn’t turn out well)

    Photo taken with Focos

    Now! I will be tagging.

    Diamond from Build a Bear Forever


    Jackylind From Dollighful Dolls ( sorry if I spelled it wrong)

    Bye Guys hope you enjoy doing it

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