Kira’s Story( part1)


Ug, time to get up. Kira looked around to see if her disabled sister was up. Oh good she’s not up thought Kira.

she sat up and turned the light on and then got up. And turned more lights. And then got dressed.
and then she got breakfast for her sister

Bye Polly!

B-b-bye k..k..Kira said her frail sister

When Kira got to the hairdresser there was already something one sitting in her seat waiting for her.

Oh I am sorry how long have you been here?
oh no not long at all.

*8 hours later*

Good bye!
Good bye?!?

Umm yea your done

oh ya!!
thank you very much.

What do y’all think will happen?
hehe you will have to see

Dun dun DUN


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