To Far Off ( Part 3 Rebecca and Fairs)

POV: Rebecca

Kaya thought Lea better get out and do things so she signed her up for selling things at the fair. And Makena wanted to sell some clothes. But I decided I wanted to walk and walk and WALK.

It was a little cold so I took out my coat 🧥. All of a sudden a saw something white when I got closer I saw it was a tent.

What can it be? Did my sisters make it without me? I walked over and saw it was too small for any of us.

When I went even closer I saw it was a girl!

She seemed like she was sleeping but I walk over and her eyes where wet.

Hello?! I said

Wha?! Who are you?!

I am Rebecca this is my house. Are you here alone?

Yes. I had a brother but he went away and never came back.

Well, how about you come inside and we will find a way to help you.

Yes, do you have any warmer clothes?
Yes! She went in the tent.

Good. I thought at least she has more than just those clothes.

But when she came out. She was only wearing a blanket.

Are those your only clothes?!??!?? My! There so thin.
You, you don’t like them. She looked like she was going to cry

Oh No! It is just, are you cold

Yes. But I am okay.

You know what? Take my coat.

Wow, thanks! Aww it is so warm.

Okay, come now.

What am I getting into? I thought.

POV: Kaya

I am so proud of you, Lea!

With your selling your pumpkins and food. Now can I get some eggs?

Yes Said Lea

After I got some I walked over to Makena to see her clothes.
Hello how may I help you Kaya? Said Makena

Is there any clothes I would like?

Yup, how about this?

Umm I don’t think that’s me.

WELL, you shouldn’t ask if you don’t want it .

I turned away. And walked over to the animal centre. I looked all a round. But the only animal I liked was the horse. It was for sale.

Ooh, I can’t leave without her. Maybe I should…………

The End say tuned for Part 4

Finally I am getting to this post! I hope you enjoyed it !



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