To Far Off ( Part 4 The sound of the sad)


Grandma Shaw played by Samantha

Lea hummed well she cleaned the book shelves. She heard voices in the next room. She walk over to listen, even though Kaya had told not to listen into other peoples conversations. She looked in the crack of the door.

(Note: sorry the lighting is bad in this picture)

Caleb and Kaya stood talking Kaya looked as if she was going to cry.
We Can’t keep her Kaya said Caleb

I know but I can’t kick her out now that We have done so much for her. Kaya muttered

I stood still, where they talking about me? No! No! Kaya would never do this to me. But I continued to listen

How about we see if we can find a better family? Caleb seemed almost angry

Just Give me time to think!! Kaya almost yelled there. Then she turned around with her eyes closed.

Caleb stood surprised, she turned around Caleb Go I want to be alone. She said sternly. He turned without a word. And walked off. Are they talking about me? Lea thought. And fell crying on the couch. After a few minutes Lea stood up her red eyes burning with the air. She thought what she would do she would leave. No one wants me so I shall go. She packed some clothes and grabbed her roller skates and put on a winter coat. And went into the cold winter air.
( A few Days Later)

Dear diary Today I think I covered a lot of ground but who knows? I think I will stop now that’s about it.

Lea pulled up to a hill and sat down

Oh miss Kaya and Rebecca so much she burst into tears.

when she opened her eyes she saw a house well something that was a house. She walked up at knocked a frail old woman opened it.

Hello, may I help you child? She asked

Yes, I know I am asking a lot but I was wondering if you could let me stay here and help you? I don’t want to be paid just I want a home.

How about you just come here and get warm??

Yes Ma’am.

Now what is your name child?
Lea Tenille Clark

Hmm a fancy name, now I want to talk business with you, you want to live here?

Yes Ma’am.
there will be no Yes ma’am’s here just Grandma Shaw will do.

Okay Grandma Shaw

now if you stay here you must wear what I want you to wear.


Grandma Shaw walked out of the roam and came back with a lot of dresses .

These are what you are to wear


Now put them on

Lea walked out and then came back with a dress and apron on.

You look like I like to see a child of your age look.

Thank you ma’am

Lea herself did not like it but she needed a place to live so she went with it.
now change into your PJ’s and go to bed


Photo taken with Focos

Night Grandma Shaw


Oh my I haven’t seen a girl like that in a long time she sighed.

The End of this part

Well did y’all like the twist?? I had fun taking pictures.


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  1. I couldn’t stop reading it amazing pictures and storyline. Can’t wait to the next chapter comes out.


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