Happy Birthday Samantha

Yo Was-up? What do you you guys think about my into? That’s what I am going to use anyway Sam’s Birthday was on the 5th so me ( Viola) is going to tell you about it!

POV Lea and Kira ( Kira is in bold)

Okay so do we have the gift?

Yeah just it-is not wrapped

That’s okay, just can you get something nice on?

Photo taken with Focos

This is nice!

No it isn’t

Well how about you? You are wearing Kaya’s clothes!

Yeah well she really wanted me to wear it.

I am going to get changed.

yeah me too

Photo taken with Focos


you look nice!

Thanks but let’s get started on wrapping the gifts.

yeah your probably right.

It looks great!

Yeah it’s okay.

are you still angry?

Yeah! It’s not fair I am going to be in Florida when it’s my birthday.

but just think of all the fun you will have you will be the first one to meet our new sister! And you will be the first one to have earrings!

Kira Lea!

come on we have to go!

K coming!


Hello! It’s you guessed it it is Beckie!

So you are probably wondering what is happening well today is Samantha’s birthday so we got everything ready for her and every year we buddy up to get gifts for the persons birthday this year it was

Kira and Lea

Me and Kaya

Makena and Caleb

Photo taken with Focos

so the other dolls have been BEGGING for a pet so finally me and Kaya bought a dog!

Photo taken with Focos

Meet Victorian! I know the name is weird but Viola said we could only have a dog if we named him that.

It’s a Good name!

I know I never said it wasn’t.

POV Samantha

Photo taken with Focos

Kaya when can we start my birthday?

I just called everyone they will be here soon. Be patient


  • A few minutes later*

Thanks Caleb and Makena to really like the hat!

Okay this one is from Lea and Makena – Kaya

Ooh! A Stuffy!

We both pitched in to help make it! – Lea Kira

Wow thanks! – Sam

Photo taken with Focos

Where is the one you got me Kaya also where is Beckie ?

Come up to the front door and see!- Kaya

  • few mins later*

Okay what is it?
All of a sudden a big German Shepard ran up!


What is his name?


The end

how did you guys like her birthday? So no I didn’t get a new dog I got it when I got Kaya I just realized I never put him on the blog!



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