Far to go( Part 2 Lea Comes)

I Lea Clark, stood in front of the door that would show my future.

I knocked, a girl wearing a blue t-shirt
with a skirt answered it

I bet I looked sheepish. She looked at me and then smiled and said Oh are you Lea? We have been looking forward to seeing you! She said it as if I was a guest and here only for a day. And then she said oh and I am Samantha Parkington your sister! Samantha Parkington, I should of known I would have sisters. Well she lead me inside into a room filled with dolls but the one that came up to me was an pretty girl. She had long long hair and brown eyes that looked as if she wanted to hug me. But I did NOT want that. She reminded of that song called when I meet my maker by Tenille Towns.

She Said and then said her name was Kaya. And then a girl walked she had blonde hair and green eyes and a blue dress. Well she looked like a girl who was a little crazy like she was the girl from the song Come As You Are.

She walked up and said her name was Kira Bailey. I laughed ( but may I add that my laugh was fake) and said that she was a girl of the year too. And then she laughed to and agreed. Then I met a few more dolls one was named Caleb and then Rebecca and then Makena. And then Kaya showed me up to my room. And then left me alone in there. I looked around and saw a sign that said Lea Clark
I took off my bag and layed it on my bed. And then I went downstairs and looked around and then I found I closet full of clothes and I couldn’t help but look in. I haven’t EVER had any other clothes than the ones I was wearing.

And then all of a sudden Kaya walked in and sat down on that orange round thing.

I walked over and my face was red from being found out. I think Kaya knew cause she said that those are the family’s clothes and I was welcome to use them any time and think of them as my own. And then she told me to pick a few out and bring them up to my room.

So I did and then thanked her and told her I was going to bring them upstairs. And tried them on. never in my life had my clothes felt so good.

But some how it didn’t feel right.

The End of this part Stay tuned for part 3!

Hey guys I did get Lea and she is gorgeous! Y’all where right when you said she is good for pictures!



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