2 Bloggers Who Disappeared (Part 2)

I’m Kinda making this into a series?! Yeah, we’re going back to detective work everyone! Now let’s start!

Jaffa was a blogger who blogged for about 3 years her last post was April 24, 2022 but when I checked the comments the last time she had liked/commented back was April 24, 2022 at 12:39 pm and then there was another comment (here’s a copy and paste)


This is exciting, I hope Molly is coming back! She has a wonderful collection! Do you have her camping outfut


That was commented at and jaffa had liked another comment at April 24, 2022 at 12:39 pm so had something happened that night to Jaffa? She clearly didn’t have a personal blog so I went onto onto some blogs who had liked/left a comment on her blog to read comments to see if she had commented after posting that.

The First blog I found was Michelle’s House of Miniatures which I went and snooped looked around

( Sorry Michelle!!)

For what I saw Jaffa hadn’t said a word on there ( Michelle’s blog is great though) so I looked another blog and found that Peace in the Pines had commented so I had to go look on her blog. to see if I could find anything but alas the gods have not smiled upon me ( I didn’t find anything)

I’M NOT GIVING UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One more blog which is Hedgehog Hollow but I couldn’t find anything on there either.

My Theories

  1. Grew Up
  2. Had an accident
  3. Took a “Break” which turned into “Forever”
  4. Accidently jumped into a lake with sharks

American Girl Here and There

American Girl Here And There was a charming blog with about 40 followers, she was a VERY good photographer.

They were blogging for about 4 years.

The last time they posted was  February 3, 2020 ,

Meet Esther

but the last time they commented on THEIR blog was September 10, 2021 at 10:45 am ( this is what it says)



September 10, 2021 at 10:45 am


Liked by 1 person


Now we look at the blog that followed Them………………………………………….. that did literally nothing.

Now, to my theories

  1. Grew up.
  2. Left, then started a new a blog.

The End

Entry’s for Doll spirit week.

Historic Week.

Fairy Tale Week.

Pajama Week.

Around The World Week.

( Does How to dress for the Canadian winter count ? lol.)

That’s it for today’s post I’ll be back soon!


( But not Voldemort)



  1. Molly: *spins around in her chair* Hmm… how interesting… CLEARLY these bloggers must have been magically teleported to another dimension and are too busy training dragons to blog. Obviously. That happened to E and she stopped blogging for 2 years… or something like that, anyway.

    E: Yeah‚Ķ It was the ‚Äúsomething like that‚ÄĚ. I definitely didn‚Äôt train any dragons. I love your DollVille spirit month entries by the way!


    • KIRA ( the drama doll): * stops shoving cookies into her mouth to talk* Hmm, I think Jaffa meet a wizard and they showed her how to become one and then Voldemort meet her and it didn’t go well! but I agree with you on the other. like Viola left at the begining of her blog and you know what she did? She went and moved away!

      VIOLA: *sighs* well i was kind of forced to move……………………………….


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